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This page contains links to all of my Linux related information

Security Ideas
Ideas for improving the security of existing products/protocols

PHP & Database Passwords [click here]

Preventing Email Forgery [click here]

Windows Software which relates to Linux
Software which is useful for installing Linux and dual boot Linux/Windows users

RawWrite for Windows [click here]

RawWrite Studio for Windows [click here]

dd for Windows [click here]

Explore2fs, the Windows explorer for Linux ext partitions [Click here]

EXT2IFS file system driver for Windows NT [click here]

Linux User Mode Tools
Software which I have written to make my life easy.

arrghpm [click here] A tool for patching rpm based distributions

PPP information [click here] (including RAS info and pppd patch & How to save IP addresses with ppp links

John's DNS tools [click here]

PHP Module to do SMB authentication [click here]

PHP, Apache & MySQL security [click here]

MySQL-Dict [click here] Synchronise a MySQL database and a data dictionary.

Controlling the Mitsubishi DV300 from linux [click here]


Linux Information
Snippets of information which may be useful to Linux users

How to prepare RedHat linux for a server role [click here]

How users can take ownership of a file [click here]

How to make sysklogd (syslogd) listen on multiple ports [click here]

Using Samba and automount to support removable media [click here]

How to pronounce Linux [click here]

Booting Linux from the NT boot loader [click here]

Network Disk-copy [click here]

More Information [click here]

Using pam_smbpasswd on RedHat 7.2 [click here]

Set up swat over ssl (on RedHat 7.2) [click here]


Linux Kernel Patches
Small kernel patches which I have hacked together

Patch a running Linux Kernel [click here]

Patch to linux 2.2.19 to make a user suspend start a structured shutdown [download][readme]

ACPI Message LED for SiS630 Chipset [click here]

SMBFS and Automounting home directories [click here]


Java code (non linux related)[click here]

Rob's Linux Information [click here]

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