RawWrite for windows version 0.7 for NT & 95
written by John Newbigin

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rawwrite (or rawrite) is the essential utility for creating boot and root disks for installing Linux. Unfortunately, it required DOS to operate, so here is the long awaited WIN32 version. It works under Windows NT, 2K, XP, 95, 98 and ME.

Version 0.7 has enhanced autoupgrade support.  It should now run again on Windows 95 machines.

Binary rawwritewin-0.7.zip

Source rawwritewin-0.7.src.zip

Older version in case you have problems with the new features.

Binary rawwritewin-0.4.zip

Source rawwritewin-0.4.src.zip

It should be very easy to use. If you have problems, let me know

If you want to read or write to other kinds of disk/device, try my dd program.

Note: The file diskio.dll is only required under 95, 98 and ME. Place it in the same directory as the executable.  Do not install it in your windows or system directory.  If you are missing this file then version 0.5 and above can automatically download it for you.

More info on the disk access under 95 can be found here.

I certainly don't ask for a donation, but if you feel like sending money the easiest way is probably paypal to jn@it.swin.edu.au. $5.00 AU is probably a good amount, but whatever you are comfortable with will be accepted.

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