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DNS Tools

These are a few simple tools I wrote the help make maintaining a DNS server easier.

dnstouch is like touch, but it updates the zone file serial number. After editing a zone file, just dnstouch it.

dnsedit is a more complex tool which automatically creates the reverse zone files for you. You just dnsedit the appropriate zone file, and make you changes. When you quit your favorite VISUAL editor (vim), the reverse zone is re-created and the zone file is dnstouched. Makes life easy.


source tarball any ndu-0.4.tar.gz
binary rpm Enterprise Linux 2 i386 ndu-0.4-7.el2.i386.rpm
binary rpm Enterprise Linux 3 i386 ndu-0.4-7.el3.i386.rpm
binary rpm Enterprise Linux 4 i386 ndu-0.4-7.el4.i386.rpm

The code will probably work under any UNIX but I have only tested it under Linux. It requires a c++ compiler to build and a working ed to run.