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When you set up a ppp link, you need an IP address for the interface on each end of the link.  You can however save one IP address by using an intranet address such as for the server end of the link.  (The server end being the end connected to the internet).  The client needs an IP address valid for the subnet the server is on.  The server listens for data bound for the client using a proxy arp entry.  This is then forwarded to the interface which sends the data to the client.  Magic :).  You can use any address you want, but I use 192.168.x.x for my intranet at home, so I use, etc for dial up lines.

This diagram shows how this works.

Setting up dial in access under Linux (RASD) [click here]

A daemon I wrote which provides a simple way to set up dial in access under Linux.

Connecting to an NT RAS server [click here]

How to set up your Linux box to dial and connect to an NT RAS server.

My pppd patch [click here]

Connect using ppp but without putting your password in the secrets file or any scripts

pppd patch for NT authentication [click here]

Use a linux box for dial in but use NT Domain authentication.  An ideal companion for the RASD above.



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